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  • Horizontal multi-joint manipulator ST40/ST60

    The horizontal multi-joint manipulator converges the advanced technology of APE company. It can perform cubic carrying, selecting, inserting, arranging, gluing and assemblys and other jobs with high speed, high accurancy and high efficiency. The production efficiency will be substantially improved attribute to the excellent design of the product, the efficient control system and the convenient human-computer interaction.

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  • 4-Axis Pulse Sequential Motion Control Card MC1104

    MC1104 is a model of 4-axis pulse movement control board card based on PCI interface, and produces high-frequency (6.55MHz) pulse signal to control step or servo motor, and the board card provides any 2-axis or 4-axis linearity interposition function and any 2-3-axis arc interposition movement. It supports maximum 16 MC1104 board card operation simultaneously within one system. When there are several boards within the system, code dialing is used to identify.

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  • Terminal Block Product Series

    In replacement of ordinary wiring terminal port Greatly increased efficiency Small-sized design, simpler wiring box

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  • eMotion

    eMotion is a kind of control system development software for industrial automation. It is mainly used for electronics,machinery, measurement, testing and other industries, especially for sites with high speed and high precision requirements, and it shortens development cycle and saves costs in non-standard automation equipment.

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Production line of 3C products

APE SCARA series manipulator, suitable for high speed, high precision automatic processing.APE SCARA series manipulator, suitable for high speed, high precision automatic processing.